Best Portfolio Management Software and Services in 2018


Portfolio Management And Accounting Software
Mprofit is one of the best portfolio management  software for investors, traders, advisiors, corporates, family offices and CAs to manage your stocks, MFs & other assets.


Software BY Sharesight Pty Ltd
Sharesight is cloud investment portfolio tracking software. Sharesight automatically calculates the performance of your overall portfolio and individual shares on the fly. Capital gains, dividends, and currency movements are all shown in dollars and annualised percentages.

Quantis - Asset and Wealth Management

Software BY 3i-infotech
Quantis is best porfolio management tools provides multi-currency treasury application for asset managers, insurers and pension fund managers. It offers end-to-end Investment Management Operations. Strong user-defined compliance rules and workflow are integral to the product.


Best portfolio management system by is one of the best portfolio management system provides a suite of services to small companies (startups and SMEs) as well as investors (angel and VC)

Moneycontrol - Portfolio Manager

Software BY e-Eighteen
Know your best and worst investments at a glance with the help of Portfolio Manager at Moneycontrol who tracks all your investments, cash flow and assets through live price updates.

Invest Plus

Best portfolio management tools by Ideas Infotech
InvestPlus helps you in managing all your accounting, investments and income tax related requirements. It is a personal finance and Portfolio management software. It has different modules like Personal Accounting, Assets Management, Loan Management, Investment Management, Income Tax Preparation, Personal Organizers etc.

Easy Life

best portfolio management services by Adit Microsys Pvt. Ltd.
Easy Life is web based portfolio management Software to manage family finances for Indian investors. The user experience is further enhanced with the help of mobile applications on Android and iPhone.


Best portfolio management process by PORTFOLIO VISTA Team
Complete process Portfolio Management solutions for various products like Equity, MF and ETF,  Both Discretionary and Non-Discretionary portfolio can be managed, Inbuilt algorithm which provides trigger for order generation, Receivable / payable fees computation

Triskell PPM Factory

Triskell PPM Factory for Business Portfolio
Triskell PPM Factory allows you to define the exact Portfolio Management Solution you need. Support any Changes in the Organization. With Triskell PPM-Factory business users can easily configure and re-configure on the go, Triskell PPM-Factory, to encapsulate strategy and business processes in a unique multi-organization and multi portfolios environment.

Miles Software - Portfolio Management

Software BY Miles Software
Miles Software offers MoneyWare Portfolio management software offer highly competitive environment. Those who wish to maintain a competitive advantage have been obliged to develop and implement innovative investment strategies.


Software BY Raj Software Technology
i-Record is a powerful Portfolio Management software for investment record keeping, performance measurement and reporting. For investors, keeping a regular track of their investments provides them with the opportunity of identifying duds in their portfolio.

MyNSE Portfolio

Software BY National Stock Exchange of India Ltd
My NSE is a personalised Portfolio Manager that allows you to create your portfolio online and match it against the live market rates. Portfolio Manager is a tool that allows you to value your holdings online.

eSoftCircle IPM

Software BY eSoftCircle Pvt. Ltd
Web-based Portfolio Management software - eSoftCircle IPM to reduce customer service cost, access for everyone online, manage all B2B and B2C channels. For financial and investment advisors to serve to their large client base, IPM offers a 3-in-1 Wealth Management capabilities.

ET Portfolio

Software BY Times Internet Limited
ET Online Portfolio Management system to track mutual funds, investments with the real time updates and alerts.

Bubble Innovator PPM Software

Project Portfolio Management Software (PPM)
Bubble Innovator™ PPM is a cloud-based, enterprise Project & Portfolio Management software for innovation, new product development (NPD), or complex project portfolios. Deployments are suited to organizations aiming to optimize their process governance and improve the efficiency of project delivery.

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What is Portfolio Management Software?

Portfolio management software is designed and developed to create a solid profile strategy for keeping track of the various business projects, thus facilitating the better manageability of multiple projects for enhanced performance and higher success rate. This software is an integration of cloud based technology and smart enterprise solutions and provides comprehensive details on the sustainability of the different projects under consideration. This software is highly favored by IT businesses, Consulting Agencies, HR Departments, Marketing Corporations, etc.

What is the Purpose of Portfolio Management Software in your Business?

The basic purpose of the software is to ensure better manageability of multiple projects with the integration of latest technologies in compliance with the current market standards. It also helps develop a strong profile strategy for greater ease of monitoring of the corresponding projects and derive crucial data for incorporation in various technical domains.

This provides a potential platform for exercising various business objectives and generates data for analysis purposes. This software is highly recommended for businesses with a greater influx of projects and is deemed highly necessary for implementing greater ease of functionality.

What are the key Features of Portfolio Management Software?

  1. Comprehensive data analysis and report generation with reference to various projects.
  2. Seamless implementation of records for mapping of the projects with the given timeline.
  3. Customized functionality and widgets for personalization purposes.
  4. Creative and smart design solutions in terms of the user interface.
  5. Reduced time complexity compared to manual project management strategies.
  6. Optimization features for connecting and integrating the various teams handling the project.
  7. Robust solutions in terms of documentation of the various aspects of the project lifecycle.
  8. Accurate metric systems.
  9. Highly optimized visual representation for better understanding of the project specifications and the various phases.
  10. Comparative analysis features for determining the growth curve of the organization.
  11. Cross platform synchronization for better compatibility criteria.
  12. Full time support systems for hassle proof experience while handling the software.
  13. Mobile accessibility features for tracking the status of the projects on the go.
  14. Suggestible decision making features in compliance with the current statistics and the market standards.
  15. Incorporation of external technologies and cloud computing for better performance.
  16. Customized alert systems and email notifications for handling the project as per the deadlines.
  17. Real time updation of data and feedback solutions for enhanced user experience.
  18. Highly organized project data in a variety of categories for easy retrieval and application in future projects.

What Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Portfolio Management Software?

  1. Incorporation of cloud technology is quite an essential element to look for while buying this software.
  2. Make sure that the interface is highly user friendly and has better ease of navigation.
  3. Always check for the compatibility factors of the given software with reference to your device.
  4. Make sure that the essential modules are in compliance with the latest market trends and updated with the latest technologies.
  5. Do check for the time complexity of the software to ensure increased performance on a larger scale.