Best Recruitment Software For Small Business & Enterprise in 2018

Advanced Onboarding & Recruiting Platform
TalentRecruit Software is an automated cloud-based recruitment platform and is driven by artificial intelligence is one of the agilest recruiting works with dual efficiency. It features application, interview, candidate, recruiting management along with assessments, onboarding etc using this recruitment management software.

Cost effective recruiting software for SMEs
Freshteam carries our all sort of management including the candidate, interview, resume search, Job Requisition and Posting etc using API. Perfect for start-ups and SMEs, this recruitment management software is supported on Web App and Android platform.

All-in-One online recruitment system
Online recruitment system for recruitment business in India and across the global. Zoho provide world best recruitment management software for small to large scale of firms. Start free edition $0 Free for 1 Recruiter. Try free recruitment tool demo, today!!

World's Most Powerful HR and Payroll Software
Presenting an extensive features list HRMantra is one of the best recruiting software that is supported on every platform. This recruitment software automates the hiring process, this HR and payroll software consistently carries out various modules. Its rapid response is its winning aspect.

Pre-employment skill testing softwares
Interview Mocha is fast becoming the choice for many companies all over the world who wants to assess multiple candidates according to the job profile. Interview Mocha provides users access to over 1,000 updated quality skill tests in 50+ domains like Job-based Aptitude, IT, Sales, Business, Finance etc.

PeopleApex is a multi-country payroll & HRsoftware
PeopleApex displays a long list of features that can automate the HR operations and payroll department. It allows multiple user log-in and is multilingual to maximize the output. Well-organized recruiting software handles all kind of management i.e. performance, recruitment, shift, task etc aptly.

Alchemus Recruiting & Talent Management

best recruiting software for small business
Free cloud-based enterprise recruitment software that supports online interviews and job postings. Alchemus Recruiting Management System top features such as  Publish Jobs to website & job Boards, Import and Parse Resumes, Custom reports, Communicate with Email, Send SMS/Text messages etc.


Online Recruitment Tool by GreenHouse Software
Greenhouse is the most efficient recruitment management system designed to sort out your hiring process and gives a scalable data to make a smart hiring decision. Greenhouse helps to point out every aspect of hiring process with smoother, and faster.


recruiting software for staffing firms by Main Sequence Technology Inc
PCRecruiter is best recruiting software and staffing software products are used by thousands of third-party staffing, consulting organizations and corporates as a central database, communication, and recruiting tool. Try demo for recruitment management system.

Blueshift Recruitment Management System

Recruitment Software for Startups in India by Blueshift Information Systems Pvt. Ltd
Blueshift Recruitment Management System solution that provides social recruiting like Facebook, LinkedIn etc, online interviewing, Online resume sharing, and candidate scoring capabilities for all recruitment agencies in India.

RecruitPro 360

recruitment software free download full version
Cross platform recruitment management software specially designed to help you source more clients, place more candidates and make more money. Recruitment software free download full version for small to large scale of recruitment firm.

Talentpool - Recruitment Software

Enterprise Recruitment Management Software
Talentpool is an enterprise ready recruitment management software that helps recruitment teams increase their throughput with a unified collaboration platform, centralized database and streamlined processes.

Big Biller

Recruitment software for small to large agencies by Big Biller
Big Biller is enterprise SaaS platform for recruitment services and talent management, and the leading global provider of CRM for recruiting business. Big Biller powerful recruiting system software solutions come with a unique set of most popular features and recruitment tools specific to the organizations. Try free demo now.


recruitment online by Webrecruit
Recruitment automation software that helps businesses to attract candidates, manage applications and recruit talent. WebRecruit recruitment platform includes outlook, gmail, linkedin add-ins. Enable smart access to client, interviewer, candidate.

Eploy E-recruitment

recruitment strategies by ITS Software Systems Ltd.
Eploy online recruitment Software is designed to help in house recruiters work faster & smarter. Eploy combines a class-leading recruitment tracker, Talent Pool Management and Recruitment CRM. Try recruitment software free demo today.

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What is Recruitment Software?

The Recruitment Software is a system that automates the whole recruitment process in an Organization – right from posting job openings on Job Portals and Social Media platforms to on-boarding of the new recruits. Recruitment is one of the most important tasks of any organization. This is because without employees especially the right candidates, it is not possible for an organization to perform its operations smoothly. Hence, it is very important to implement an HR Recruitment Software solutions which help the recruitment team in carrying out the whole process in an easy manner.

In today’s competitive world, it is very important for the HR teams to use a good online recruitment software. Companies perform large-scale recruitments nowadays and also have to perform closure quickly. This is not possible if there is no such tool in hand. Automation helps to streamline the recruitment process and also reduce the cost and time taken to hire new candidates.

The best recruiting software for small businesses basically tends to the various recruitments procedures and entails automation for better performance levels in terms of the hiring of new personnel to the respective organization. It harnesses the power of technological advancements for implementing the various processes involved in the recruitment category and hence creates a better standard of evaluation and assessment-based online recruitment systems for small to medium enterprises and even very large corporations also.

Everything comes with its own Advantages and Disadvantages and it is important to know these Pros and Cons before installing such software tools in your organization.

Let's take a look at the Pros and Cons of online Recruitment Software solutions:

Advantages of Using Recruitment Software

1. Helps in streamlining the process of hiring: A cloud based recruitment software helps to manage the complete recruitment cycle – Requisitions, screening, selection, offer acceptance, joining, on-boarding - all in one software. It helps in introducing best practices, well-defined processes and helps in growth to the next level. All you have to do is define your preferred recruitment process in the software and the software will generate the to-do lists for all the users responsible and the users are simply supposed to complete their assigned tasks.

2. Have a centralized database: The HR recruitment software enables the organization to have a centralized database in place which has easy search options. This eliminates the use of spreadsheets, files and folders, and helps to retrieve the information from the database directly. It also helps in importing information from various sources such as inbox, desktop, web pages, and job portals.

3. Increases the productivity of the Recruiter: This software reduces the mundane and lengthy task of recruiters and helps them to find new ways of luring the best talent in a quick way. Majority of the cloud based recruitment software come with productivity tools like bulk mail, resume parser, automatic to-do list, calendar sharing, reminders for feedback, rejection mail to candidates, report schedules, and so on.

4. Provides complete visibility and control: The web based recruitment software for startups provides instant analysis reports which help to provide the Users a better insight. Report generation can be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to know the status of each and every position as mapped by the Hiring Manager. It also provides a clear picture of the recruitment pipeline, view of open positions, vacancies, candidates processed, pending offers, etc.

5. Ease of collaboration and Cost reduction: This software helps various people co-operate and work on the same platform with ease. The recruiters’ need to follow-up with Managers and get approvals is no longer required due to this software. Thus, this software helps the stakeholders to complete their task on time. Moreover, automation by the software brings down the expenses in hiring. This software also reduces the dependency on job portals and vendors. All this helps in cost reduction greatly.

The basic purpose of Recruitment strategies is to automate the various sub-processes involved in this particular category and facilitate the hassle-proof strategy of hiring the best applicant possible to the specified profile as deemed necessary by the organization. Get best hr software for small to large scale of organizations. It creates a decentralization of the system and gives better insight into the candidate’s profiles for enhanced recruitment strategies on the whole.

What are the features of Online Recruitment System?

  1. A highly user-friendly interface with creative and smart recruiting solutions for better navigation purposes even for a novice.
  2. Accepts and supports various resume formats for better implementation of the same.
  3. Exclusive search criteria for filtering of the corresponding candidate as per the desired profile qualifications.
  4. Customizable hiring strategies for optimal completion of the recruitment process.
  5. Individual candidates’ profiles with detailed portfolio generation and uploading of resumes.
  6. Easy detection of duplicity and identity thefts.
  7. Easy parsing of resumes for better extraction of candidate profile information.
  8. Centralized strategy in terms of communication criteria.
  9. Exclusive jobs widgets for better details of career options.
  10. Facilitation for internal sharing of collective information for better analysis strategies.
  11. Automatic response systems for effective query management.
  12. Cross-platform synchronization for better optimization with other segregated platforms.
  13. Bulk upload and referral options with paid placement schemes.
  14. Effective broadcast of job openings.
  15. Detailed report generation of the various tasks and availability of the same in various formats.
  16. Visual representation strategies for better analysis of the business curve.
  17. Great security recruiting solutions for better compliance with the integrity standards of the given organization.
  18. Extensive database recruiting solutions for integrated management of the corresponding data at hand.

What are the Potential Risks Involved in Recruiting Online?

1. The software is highly prone to technical glitches and can in fact, at sometimes, lead to potential loss of important hiring data.

2. Decentralization of the online recruitment system means if the core system goes down, the whole of the other sytems also get affected partially.

3. Constant updating of the software data needs to be maintained for better performance levels and greater efficiency.

4. Introduction of potential malware and data sniffing agents can take place via unauthorized access of the software by potential intruders.

Recruitment tools have indefinitely facilitated the cut-down of a lot of manual operations in terms of the various sub-processes that are related to hiring and recruitment. The recruitment tools are also very important for enhancing the current hiring processes of existing businesses in the market. With the implementation of the various technological innovations and extensive creative recruiting solutions, this software stands to create great potential standards when it comes to hiring the best and the most creative talents in the Industry for your Organization!!

Some Potential Cons of Using A Recruitment Software

Nothing comes without issues. Same is the case with online Recruitment software for agencies. Some of the potential cons of using HR Recruitment Software are:

1. Automated online recruitment systems do not automatically inform the interviewed candidates of their rejection. This may hurt the feelings of the candidates and lower the company's image in the eyes of the candidates.

2. Automation might damage the concept of diversity where companies try to bring a diverse set of people in a single workplace.

3. Keyword search might reduce the possibility of choosing the right candidate as not everyone can write the best resume.

4. Software parsing does not allow applicants to upload a resume in any format.

5. Usage of generic keywords might limit the number of applications as not everyone is a good resume writer. It is possible that the best applications are left out due to the usage of generic keywords search facility by the cloud based Recruitment Software.

In conclusion, if you are a candidate and want to improve your chances of being shortlisted by your desired organization’s employee recruitment software for agencies, then consider the following tips while uploading your resume:

1. Insert proper keywords to match the given job description.

2. Always put the name of past employers, dates of employment, job title and the details in different lines instead of the same line. This will help the saas recruitment software system to find your resume easily with a simple keyword search.

3. Update your skills to regularly update the Resume in order to make yourself more employable!

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