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Research Reports on Software & Technology Trends

HR Buyer Trends
HRM Software Buyer Trends Report in 2016

SoftwareSuggest helps business find the right software. As a part of our work, we gather customer requirements, we analyze them and serve the industry with deep insights on software buyer under our initiative – ‘SoftwareSuggest Insights’. Here’s the HRIS Insight report generated by analyzing more than 10,000+ HRIS Software Buyers.

Accounting Buyer Trends
Customer Purchase Insights For Accounting Software

We at SoftwareSuggest analyze every aspect of Software trends for Customers so that they can purchase the best software from hundreds of such products thronging the market. Here is an exhaustive Research Report on the “Customer Purchase Insights For Accounting Software”. The following are the conclusive findings of our Research Report prepared after analyzing 5000+ Accounting Software buyers.