Best Reservation and Online Booking System in 2018

A Sales & Reservation Management System for Hotels
Cloud-based hotel inventory and sales management platform offers affordable features to every kind of accommodation provider from boutique hotels, quaint BnBs, hostels to hotel chains etc. Also you can manage your hotel's online & offline hotel sales.


Cloud Based Hotel Management Software
InnkeyPMS is complete cloud base integrated user-friendly hotel management software which has end to end solution for all the departments of Hotels. Right from reservations to check-outs, with channel manager, booking engine.

Hotelline PMS

Solution with excellence
Pricing starts from : USD 1.52 Room/Month
Atulyam Hotelline solutions is a leading provider of restaurant software for hospitality industries like hotel, resort, restaurant, clubs, apartment, bar etc covering all aspects of this industries.


System BY MA-NO Web Design & Development
UpBooking software is a reservation system, a free booking engine with zero cost and zero commissions, which can be easily and fully integrated into any website. It is to simple and free reservation booking engine that can be embed in the website as widget without all other stuff that is would rather not have.

RezNext Internet Booking Engine

System BY RezNext
RezE- is an industry leading internet booking engine from RezNext that helps hoteliers convert their hotel website into a powerful dynamic room booking channel. View room availability online, real-time with RezNext's Web-based hotel room booking software.

Callippus HOBS

System BY Callippus Solutions Pvt Ltd
Callippus Hotel Online Booking System (CHOBS) is a highly sophisticated and flexible Online Hotel Booking Engine with an integrated payment gateway solution. Booking software helps to enable end customers to reserve rooms online from within a hotel website.

AxisRooms Channel Manager

Update Inventory and Pricing from same place
Cloud-based best hotel management software has a totally automatic dashboard that allows a fast learning and a user friendly. With one login, you check the availability and information of all your hotel rooms with no secrets and complications.

Rental Express

System BY Vimukti Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Are you still record keeping your function hall, room bookings and expenses manually? The truth is it is difficult to get access to any data of your hall instantly and prone to make mistakes if it is recorded manually and it is even more difficult to manage data and employees if you have halls located at multiple locations.

Qlopps - Hotel Reservation and Booking System

An Free Open-source Software for Hotels
Qlo is an open-source and free online hotel reservation system. It's customizable system that launches a user-friendly website. Through it you can manage on-desk as well as online bookings. Users can book multiple rooms from multiple hotels in a single order.

Banquet Tracker

System BY Vimukti Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Are you still record keeping your banquet hall bookings and expenses manually? Then Banquet tracker is the apt software for you, which can solve all your problems. Record all the enquiries you receive and set reminders to follow up.

Aatithya HMS

Restaurant Billing Software BY Dataman Computer Systems
A well know name for Hotel Accounting Software, running successfully at over 750+ medium size to large scale of properties across the country. It can be used in Budget Hotels, Lodges, Guest Houses, Megamalls, Clubs, Restaurant & point of sales etc.

eZee Reservation - Online Booking Engine

Hotel Booking Engine - Wizard of Amplifying Hotel
Pricing starts from : USD 21.97 Month
eZee Reservation is real time online reservation system that helps hotels, Motels and other Properties to get online reservation for rooms & bed. Complete hotel reservation management module that integrates seamlessly into your website and lets you maintain details of all your guests.

eZee Centrix - Online Hotel Channel Manager

A Complete Distribution Ecosystem for Hotels
Pricing starts from : USD 21.97 Month
eZee Centrix, a new state of the art channel manager give clients the tools to easily manage all property rates and inventory on various channels/travel websites. It will automatically update all the changes made on client’s end to all the channels instantaneously. eZee Centrix is connected with more than 100 international OTA’s.


A Complete Banquet Management Solution
ePalms - Banquet Management Software helps to Simplify Banquet Management by having all the required details like Booking, Enquiry and Reports for handling and managing the customer efficiently and also helps in taking business decision in terms of infrastructure investment and man-management.

True Restaurant Management

System BY Truelogics Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
True Restaurant is easy to use, full of the features a Bar uses many time, every day, and is very affordable price. Restaurant software should have made order entry easier, make customers happier build a restaurant and Bar business.

What is Online Booking and Reservation System?

As the name implies, an Online Booking and Reservation System is highly characteristic of facilitating an excellent and effective online reservation features and booking of the tickets for the predefined usage criteria. This system finds very specific implementation in various fields namely Travel Purposes, Entertainment Centers, Sports and Similar Categories.

What is the primary purpose of implementing Online Booking and Reservation System?

The implementation of online booking and reservation system is primarily for the purpose of facilitating greater ease of booking as per the user requirements. Also, it reduces a lot of waiting in line and facilitates instant response systems for greater efficacy, both for the customer as well the business organization. The advancement of technology has necessary facilitated the implementation of this innovative yet simple system thus revolutionizing the daily lifestyle of the people worldwide.

What are essential features of an Online Booking and Reservation System?

  1. Detailed invoice generation for the corresponding transactions.
  2. Easy payment facilities through the use of debit card, credit card, net banking facilities, etc.
  3. Highly user friendly interface with creative solutions for better navigation purposes.
  4. Extensive database solutions in compliance with the latest market standards.
  5. Cross platform synchronization for implementation over various platforms.
  6. Complete report generation and visual mapping of the essential data for critical analysis purposes.
  7. Automated response systems for meeting the queries of the various users.
  8. Real time data updation features for better monitoring.
  9. 24*7 assistance and support systems for dealing with the performance issues.
  10. Easy management of the various sub modules through decentralization strategies.
  11. Modularity of the system for implementing various functional requirements.

What are the limitation of an Online Booking and Reservation System?

  1. The payment solutions are highly subject to risk factors in terms of potential identity thefts.
  2. Malfunctioning of the core system is indefinitely going to affect the various other sub- modules thus leading to the degradation of the overall system.
  3. High speed internet is mandatory for keeping in compliance with the real time updation processes.

What are the things to keep in mind while buying an Online Booking and Reservation System?

  1. First of all, the compatibility of the system should be cross checked with the system specifications on which this system has to be implemented.
  2. Secondly, the security of the system as well its core modules should be ensured to avoid any kind of unauthorized access to the various transaction sequences.
  3. The time complexity of the online booking and reservation system should be checked with major discretionary standards.
  4. The integration of the essential modules under this system should be ensured for better compliance with the business requirements.
  5. Fifth, the user interface of the system should be highly user friendly to initiate better understanding of its functionality even for a beginner.


The Online Booking and Reservation System has not only eased the basic lifestyle of the people but also has created a potential platform for greater innovative development strategies and with the advancement of technological standards, it is sure to revolutionize the existing business processes on a comparatively larger scale.

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