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With the rapidly changing scenarios of Marketing and Sales, what the users of your software product have to say about the product matters much more than all your Marketing & Sales Strategies.

Your product publication remains worthless without User Opinions and Reviews. It no longer matters what you say about your Software Product, but what your customers say about it matters the most!!

Case Study: MProfit

MProfit reported around 42% of their customers finalized the software after going through Reviews & Ratings on!

What The Stats Say

More than 75% of B2B shoppers go through the “User Reviews” of any Product/Service before they finalize their decision

A majority of the above-mentioned 75% B2B shoppers rely on SoftwareSuggest to check out the User Reviews of their required Software Product

More than 2/3rd of the Prospects/Customers who come to SoftwareSuggest altered their decision to buy their required product after going through the User Reviews section

Why Are User Reviews & User Ratings Important For Your Product

Your potential customers judge you on the basis of the genuine User Reviews and User Ratings about your Software product

User Reviews & User Ratings bring-in more clicks, leads and customers when compared to the online traffic on your website

Lack of User Reviews and User Ratings about your Software can be a disadvantage for you especially if your competitors have lots of reviews and ratings

User Reviews Bring In Credibility And Customers

Positive User Reviews will result in more Star Ratings on the SoftwareSuggest Badge and this will help your Software Product improve its reputation in the market, and gain competitive edge over your Rivals.

Having the SoftwareSuggest Badge attached to the Home Page of your Website will not only help the users of your product genuinely rate and review your product, but will also help gain valuable “Star Ratings”.

The Star Ratings given by Users will act as an Influencing Factor and this will help you attract new customers

What Exactly Is The “SoftwareSuggest” Badge

The SoftwareSuggest Badge is an esteemed representation of the Trust placed upon your particular Software product by thousands of users, who give genuine reviews, about what and how they felt on using your product, on India’s most popular Business Software discovery and recommendation platform - SoftwareSuggest.

So, if you have many positive User Reviews about your own exclusive Software product, the best you can do is to use the SoftwareSuggest Badge to show off your User Ratings on the Homepage of your website.

How To Get The SoftwareSuggest Badge

Get the link to this badge following either of these methods:

1. Select your Software from the Dropdown list on this Column on the Right. Hit the “Copy Code to Clipboard Button”, and there you go!

2. ‘Reviews and Badges’ section in the Vendor's Portal of SoftwareSuggest, The SoftwareSuggest Badge will automatically get attached to your website, continuously updating your User Rating.

Where You Can Display The SoftwareSuggest Badge:

  • At the very bottom of your Home Page/Landing Page
  • In the left or right Sidebar of your Home Page/Landing Page
  • On the top right hand-side corner of your Home Page/Landing Page
  • In the Testimonials/User Reviews Section
  • Embed in your Email Campaigns

How To Increase The User Ratings On The SoftwareSuggest Badge

Ask the Users of your Software Product to:

1. Go to the SoftwareSuggest Page on which your product is listed

2. Click on the User Rating Stars displayed/Click on “Write a Review”

3. Give their genuine and honest review about your product

4. Rate you out of 5 Stars

That’s it !!

Benefits Of Having The Badge On Your Website

  • To define the reputation of your software product in the market based on User Reviews.
  • Become a Member of the SoftwareSuggest Elite Club.
  • Let your Prospects/Potential Customers get information about the level of customer satisfaction you provide and maintain.
  • Earn more Trust of your Prospects/Customers
  • Chance to become a ‘Category Influencer’ on SoftwareSuggest by aggregating positive reviews
  • Make the Achievements regarding your Software product visible to your Prospects/Customers
  • Increase your Conversion Rate when it comes to converting Prospects into your Customers
  • the SoftwareSuggest Badge will enable you to avail numerous Rewards, Gifts & even Incentives from us!!

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