Best Spa and Salon Management Software

HDSalon and Beauty parlour software
HDSalon is complete Salon and Spa management software. HDSalon comes with lots of attractive features which make it the best salon software for business.

500+Centers for Training & Support, 6 Lakh+ Users
The aim of Marg Software is to provide software which is easy to use and get implemented easily as well as also get customised according to any type of business which saves time and money.


MINDBODY’s spa management software makes it simple to accomplish your day-to-day tasks, and simple to organize everything else. They provide spa scheduling software, and so much more.


Software BY Floydware LLC Corporate
Designed by Salon professionals, Rosy Salon Software is a comprehensive suite of salon scheduling and business tools. Rosy provides unmatched online features, functions, and capabilities to help you grow your business.


Zenoti is a leading cloud-based, business software
With Zenoti all-in-one solution, spa and salon mangers are more easily able to manage all aspects of their business from managing their appointment book, billing through a POS, CRM, employee schedules and payroll, inventory, marketing promotions, enabling online booking and online sales and more.

Invoay Software

Spa and Salon Management Software
Invoay Software is built with a vision to cater the larger segment of Salon, Spa, and Wellness industry who is still struggling to find a simple, easy to use and most important and an economical software.

Cloud based salon management software
EasyPOS is beautiful Free Online spa management software, inventory management & loyalty management software. Trusted by thousands of stores worldwide. Get started free today.

Phorest Salon Software

Lets Grow!
Phorest Salon Software is an all in one software solution for Hair Salons, Beauty Salons and Spas. Get new clients with our Marketing Suite, stay ahead of the competition with management ideas and marketing from our team of beauty industry experts.

Salon Soft

Software BY Hypersoft Solutions
Salon Soft is a complete salon management software solution that any salon manager will require. It has everything from Appointment, Retails Sales, Customer Managment and More about salon software.


Software BY Winsar infosoft
WINHMS SPA is a Comprehensive SPA Management Software System that offers automation of complete SPA operations. It is deal for medium to large SPA operations with excellent management of bookings, guest, analysis with in-built workflow of spa and salon software.

La Salon

Software BY MouseBiz Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
La Salon, The essential software to your spa and salon business with many advanced features like Appointments Scheduling, Point Of Sale, Daily Cashing Up, Client Management software, Reporting, Marketing, Wages, Finances, Memberships, Head Office, Web and much more.

Imagic Salon Software

Software BY Imagic Solution
Imagic saloon management software will make easy to manage daily process of spa and salon software, it will help you to manage customer detail, product inventory detail, employee commission detail, daily routing process like inward, out ward, daily income, daily expense etc.


Software BY E-Spalon
e-Spalon is designed to accommodate the needs of Salon, Spa, health and Fitness industry. Best software for spa and salon management software. e-Spalon is serving around the globe with an online support centre.

Flexi SalonERP

Software BY SoftMark Solutions Pvt. ltd.
FlexiSalon software is a complete package for your beauty business. It is simple to use, yet powerful enough to manage your entire Salon or Spa business.Get organized to improve customer service, save time, and drastically increase your profits. 

eLite Spa

Software BY Accusol Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
eLiteSPA is a simplified and Fully integrated Spa and Salon managemett software.  An easy to use Spa and Salon management software with features like Scheduling Appointments, simplified billing process, Employee and Customer Management etc. Iit increases the efficiency of business, makes your Spa and Salon software more organized and you will be able to provide better services to your clients.

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What is Spa and Salon Management Software?

Today, the world of luxury amenities/services is gaining new heights. People like to be treated in a very sophisticated manner. Salons today, offer services/products which attract customers and appeals them in a very whimsical way. But, to manage a salon, is a very difficult task. Owners scratch their heads while managing their salon.

Salon and spa management software helps the owners to manage their day to day tasks in a simplified manner with the help of point of sale software, appointment management system, online booking software etc. Modules. All the manual tasking vanishes with the emergence of spa and salon software. Customer management becomes much easier with this spa software. For e.g. Customers are informed of their appointments through SMS/e-mail which is a module of the salon software. There are plentiful modules like these which helps in making sure that customers are well treated and they definitely come back to the same salon next time.

Spa and salon management software definitely simplifies the task of managing a salon and makes the task of owners much stress-free.

Spa and Salon Management Software:

One of latest trends in the software world is the introduction of spa and salon management software – it is having a huge impact on the appointment based industry by providing a high level of flexibility and customization. The latest specialized spa management software come with inbuilt marketing and automation capabilities that give clients the ability to fix their own appointments – thereby enhancing convenience and functionality. Developed by industry professionals, spa software is an asset for any organization as it comes packed with client management, reporting and POS features that can take your bottom line profits to an all-time high.

So, don’t hesitate about investing in the best spa and salon management software for your organization as it can escalate your success story and keep your client base delighted with your superior service levels.

Advantages of Spa and Salon Management Software:

A well-implemented spa and salon management software can prove to be a huge asset for any organization as it can help in client appointment scheduling, avoiding costly mistakes and attracting/retaining repeat customers, thereby helping you build a credible brand reputation in the market. Here are some major benefits that you can accrue by investing in suitable spa software:

  • Convenient Customer Booking - Spa and Salon management software makes scheduling client appointments super easy and manages them in a convenient manner. There is no requirement for an all-time receptionist as customers can directly log onto the portal and book a convenient slot for themselves. Clients can choose a time slot and staff person of their choice, thereby automating the entire process. There is also an option for full or part payment to prevent losses from no-show customers. So, schedule your client appointments with absolute ease through efficient spa and salon management software.
  • Huge Reduction in Scheduling MistakesScheduling client appointments is a complicated task and often customers may get annoyed with scheduling mistakes such as setting wrong time for an appointment or booking an appointment with a different staff person. Spa management software brings about a high level of automation in client scheduling, thereby leading to a better-managed schedule with much fewer mistakes and errors. So you don’t need to bother with dates and timings of appointments and can focus on more critical word activities, as accurate client scheduling will be handled by your specialized spa and salon management software.
  • High Customer Engagement – Investing in spa management software is a great way to build your brand name and extend your social reach. Spa and salon management software can be used for marketing through social media and internet channels, thereby magnifying your target audience reach and running promotional offers and giving gift cards is a great way to make sure that your repeat customers keep coming back.
  • Keep Track and Bond With Repeat Customers - Your spa software is a great customer relationship marketing platform as it stores and keeps information of your valuable and repeat customers. The purchase history keeps a record of your loyal customers and enables you to keep them coming back by showering them with special coupons and discounts. So keep an accurate track of your loyal client base to make sure that your sales figures keep rising high all the time.
  • Holistic Understanding of Overall Business Performance – Spa and salon management software gives a complete picture of your operational performance so that you know how your business is performing on any day, week or month of the year. It can help you analyze where your business peaks and where it slumps, enabling you to cater for extra staff during hectic work periods to make sure that you are well-equipped to handle the rush. So make sure to invest in spa management software to gain a clear picture of your comprehensive business performance.

There is no doubt that getting a spa and salon management software is the best business decision and it can make sure that your organization boosts up performance, efficiency, and productivity.

Common Features of Spa and Salon Management Software:

There are a number of sophisticated spa and salon management software suites available in the market today and they possess all possible diverse features to cater to all your requirements. However, here is a checklist of essential features that your spa software should positively have:

  • Online Booking Management - This is definitely the most important feature for any spa based business software as it provides your first-time and returning customers with an easy mechanism to book their appointments. Your valuable clients can also choose a staff member of their choice and make the payment to speed up the on-site process – thereby optimizing time and convenience.
  • Staff Management Module – Managing the schedule and daily appointment calendar of the staff is certainly not an easy task, but most spa and salon management software can handle it precisely. It provides staff with a snapshot of the customers they will be working with and updates their schedule to make sure shifts are managed in a streamlined manner.
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics - Spa and salon management software have advanced reporting features where they can track, analyze and display all spa sales data for a particular time period. It is also very easy to view key performance indicators (KPI’s) and other important performance metrics through visual dashboards and graphical reports – thus spa software makes sure that managers have any important information they need right on their fingertips.
  • Marketing Automation - Spa management software can transform the marketing management of your business by centralizing social accounts and keeping a track of business generated through social channels. It has the ability to manage email lists of previous customers and attract fresh target audiences through coupons, special offers, deals and gift cards – making sure that your sales figures keep rising high all the time.
  • Customer Relationship Management – One of the best features of spa software is it's CRM that creates a databank of customer histories such as previous purchases, contact information, demographic details and treatment preferences. It can also leverage customer information to create a more customized and personalized experience for your clients – making sure that they remain happy with exceptional service standards.
  • Point-of-Sale Features – Spa management software have a number of advanced POS features that make transactions convenient for customers as payments can be processed both physically at the location and online also. It also accepts multitude kinds of payment methods from customers – thus making it a simple and user-friendly procedure for them.

So make sure that your spa and salon management software possesses all these critical features so that your organization can accrue maximum advantages from it.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Purchasing Spa Management Software:

  • Make sure to research all the software vendor offerings to ensure that you get a good deal and also check on the various payment options so that you invest in the best spa and salon management software for your organization.
  • Create an all-inclusive and comprehensive list of what objectives your new spa management software needs to accomplish. This will be a good reference checklist for your vendors and help you make the right choice for your organization.
  • Get exhaustive software reviews from your peers and hear their success stories to get a better idea about which spa management software will work for your business model.
  • Take the time to get vendor demos of each software suite so that you can make a valid comparison and pick the best spa and salon management software for your business.

Choosing a spa management software is no doubt a challenging and daunting task, but if you follow our checklist you will definitely make the correct decision!