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Torqus POS

Torqus Systems Pvt Ltd


A comprehensive Point of Sale (Torqus POS) & Inventory Management Software (Torqus SCM) for QSRs, Food Chains, Casual/ Fine Dine Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, Lounges, Night Clubs, Pizza Chains, Cloud Kitchen/ Night Kitchen/ Delivery Kitchen, Bakery, Cake Shops, Cafes etc.

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Torqus POS Torqus POS

Pricing of Torqus POS

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USD 227.27  Per Year
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Point of Sale
Cashbook Accounting
Notifications App
Head Office Module

Key Features of Torqus POS

keyboard_arrow_right CRM

keyboard_arrow_right CRM & Sales Reports

keyboard_arrow_right Customer Management

keyboard_arrow_right Email Marketing / SMS Marketing

keyboard_arrow_right Expense Management

keyboard_arrow_right POS invoicing

keyboard_arrow_right Warehouse Management

keyboard_arrow_right Orders Management

keyboard_arrow_right Mobile App

keyboard_arrow_right Bill of materials (BoM)

keyboard_arrow_right Customer DataBase

keyboard_arrow_right Notification via SMS and Email

keyboard_arrow_right Track & Secure Payments

keyboard_arrow_right Online Payment

keyboard_arrow_right Stock Management

keyboard_arrow_right Invoices

keyboard_arrow_right Loyalty Management

keyboard_arrow_right Shipping Management

keyboard_arrow_right Feedback Management

keyboard_arrow_right Call Center Management

keyboard_arrow_right Order Management

keyboard_arrow_right Supply Chain Collaboration

keyboard_arrow_right Procurement Management

keyboard_arrow_right Billing Management

keyboard_arrow_right Purchasing

keyboard_arrow_right eReceipt Import

keyboard_arrow_right Receipt Management

keyboard_arrow_right Reporting

keyboard_arrow_right Transaction management

keyboard_arrow_right Discount Management

keyboard_arrow_right Food Costing

keyboard_arrow_right Menu Management

keyboard_arrow_right Loyalty Program Support

keyboard_arrow_right Touch Screen

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Dashboards & Reports

keyboard_arrow_right Process Manufacturing

keyboard_arrow_right GST

keyboard_arrow_right Accounting

keyboard_arrow_right CRM & Sales Dashboards

keyboard_arrow_right CRM Analytics

keyboard_arrow_right Email Integration

keyboard_arrow_right Email Templates

keyboard_arrow_right Inventory Management

keyboard_arrow_right Supplier and Purchase Order Management

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right Food and Beverage Costing

keyboard_arrow_right Membership Management

keyboard_arrow_right Purchase Order

keyboard_arrow_right Table Management

keyboard_arrow_right Delivery Management

keyboard_arrow_right Print Reciepts

keyboard_arrow_right Data Imports/Exports

keyboard_arrow_right Purchase, Inventory Management & Consumption Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right Multiple Payment Types

keyboard_arrow_right Point of Sale (POS)

keyboard_arrow_right Supplier Management

keyboard_arrow_right Dashboard

keyboard_arrow_right Campaign Management

keyboard_arrow_right Purchase Orders

keyboard_arrow_right Supply Chain Planning

keyboard_arrow_right Return Management

keyboard_arrow_right Analytics

keyboard_arrow_right Credit Card Integration

keyboard_arrow_right Invoice Management

keyboard_arrow_right Real Time Analytics

keyboard_arrow_right Import & Export Data

keyboard_arrow_right Discount system

keyboard_arrow_right Loyalty Card System

keyboard_arrow_right Kitchen Management

keyboard_arrow_right Wait List Management

keyboard_arrow_right Restaurant POS

keyboard_arrow_right Feedback Collection

keyboard_arrow_right Data Analysis

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Analysis


Deployment : Both
Payment : Yearly
API : Yes
Customization : Yes
Mobile Support : Yes
Mobile App : Yes
Languages support :
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Web Base
Web Base and Installed
Both (SAAS & One time)

Who uses Torqus POS

Personal StartUps SMEs Agencies Enterprises


Web App Windows Macintosh

Mobile Platforms

iOS Android WinPhone BlackBerry
Windows Phone

Company Details

Company Name:
Torqus Systems Pvt Ltd

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Torqus aims at revolutionizing the restaurant business by providing you with our all-inclusive restaurant management software system with hassle free solutions that maximize your business at minimum cost.

Torqus is more than just a POS: It's a complete business solution which starts from procurement & ends with customer feedback. We help restaurateurs improve their top line through customer engagement (via Loyalty Promotions) and increase the bottom line by optimising their expense (via Supply Chain Management) through controlling leakage, wastage, theft and pilferage.

We, at Torqus, blindly hold at heart innovation, simplicity, usability, and performance. Amalgamating elements from insights of the hotel industry, latest trends, and technologies, as well as rich knowledge framework gained through experience in different sectors, we are known to build measurable automated solutions.

We give utmost importance to client feedback and make improvisations accordingly to build faster, better, and maintainable solutions. One of the most remarkable solutions we have provided our clientele with is the ability to move the operations to Cloud, which allows them to work both online and offline as they please, and access and manage everything from any corner in the world.

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Torqus POS Customers
Torqus POS Customers
Torqus POS Customers
Torqus POS Customers


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User Reviews (5) Ask a question

Naina Garg
Manage supplies, shortages, production, sales
Overall rating

Torqus was introduced to us by Box 8 vide referrals. In the past 1 year, Torqus SCM has helped us with effective tracking of transactions, goods flow and accurate communication amongst teams. It enables us to manage supplies, shortages, production, sales and consumption at outlets in multiple cities from our HO.

At our Business Units, we have seen ~10% increase in productivity and ~ 30% reduction on wastages / theft / leakages by accurate production planning and daily transaction tracking.

Another benefit of working with Torqus is prompt support with minimal downtime. We are extremely happy with the solution. We recommend SCM to everyone in the industry and wish Torqus all the best for future.

Kuldeep Jain
Efficiently with centralized data
Overall rating

We have been working with Torqus for nearly two years now. With the help of Torqus products we have been able to scale seamlessly to over 50 outlets across multiple cities. Their various modules assist us in our daily operations and help us manage all outlets efficiently with centralized data. 

Our production planning and distribution have especially become more precise. The support for their products has been great and there is always someone to help us out and provide solutions.

Siddharth Joshi
More efficiently & smoothly
Overall rating

Torqus provides what Eatsome needs – all around software that automates our everyday business functions and keeps things moving quickly. Our business is definitely running more efficiently & smoothly. We have seen an increase in efficiency in turn around time of 15-20% for deliveries and cash recon, while the amount of unaccounted income has almost dropped to nil. This has undoubtedly increased our revenue. We’ve been using Torqus POS & SCM for over 2 years, and we’re very satisfied. They have always been helpful, willing to work with us on solving problems, and reliable. 

Rakesh Rajendran
Very relevant for all kinds of F&B entities of all sizes
Overall rating

We have been working with Torqus as our IT partners for nearly three years and have always been in a comfort zone with their end-to-end solutions. The products are very relevant for all kinds of F&B entities of all sizes. Torqus has enabled us to reduce our food cost by 2% and increase our central kitchen / outlets productivity by 12-14%. 

The centralized call center capability has led us to reduce the sales lost due to missed inbound calls by 88%. Overall ROI in terms of increase in bottom-line efficiency to cost of operations is by around 400%.

Torqus has a very enthusiastic and dynamic team. The support for their products and services is superb. We get continuous s/w updates and feature enhancements.

Visakha Panchal
So good application for retail
Overall rating

Before Torqus POS, we used book & paper for bookkeeping. But after buying Torqus POS, we can now control our sales and inventory in real-time. My cashier and management team are very happy. They do not lose the time for calculating income at the end of the shift. Thanks to team Torqus POS; after installing Torqus POS our business grew 99% faster. Got such an amazing response from all quarters after implementing Torqus POS in our restaurant. I will definitely recommend this product to all my friends.

FAQs of Torqus POS

Q. What are the main features of Torqus POS?

The key features of Torqus POS are as follows:

label CRM

label CRM & Sales Reports

label Customer Management

label Email Marketing / SMS Marketing

label Expense Management

label POS invoicing

label Warehouse Management

label Orders Management

label Mobile App

label Bill of materials (BoM)

label Customer DataBase

label Notification via SMS and Email

label Track & Secure Payments

label Online Payment

label Stock Management

label Invoices

label Loyalty Management

label Shipping Management

label Feedback Management

label Call Center Management

label Order Management

label Supply Chain Collaboration

label Procurement Management

label Billing Management

label Purchasing

label eReceipt Import

label Receipt Management

label Reporting

label Transaction management

label Discount Management

label Food Costing

label Menu Management

label Loyalty Program Support

label Touch Screen

label Sales Dashboards & Reports

label Process Manufacturing

label GST

Q. How much do the Torqus POS cost?

The Torqus POS has 1 plan - Standard INRUSD 227 (Per Year).

Free trial : No.

Q. Who are the typical users of Torqus POS?

Torqus POS has the following typical customers: Personal, Startups, SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises.

Q. Which mobile platform does Torqus POS support?

Torqus POS supports the following devices: IOS, Android

Q. Which operating system does Torqus POS support?

Torqus POS support the following operation system : Web App, Windows

Q. What payment method does Torqus POS support?

Torqus POS support the following payment methods : Yearly.

Q. What is the deployment type?

Torqus POS has deployment type : Install, Web Based.

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