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TradeGecko Pte. Ltd.


TradeGecko is the cloud-based online inventory management software for successful business managers. TradeGecko manages all your business inventory and relationships to a tee, offers multicurrency transactions, and a customizable private B2B E-commerce application for wholesalers.

Pricing of TradeGecko

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USD 79  Per Month
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For 2 Users
1 eCommerce Integration
Account Integration
Free iPhone App
Unlimited Orders
Unlimited Currencies
Email Support
1 Wearhouse Management
USD 199  Per Month
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Basic +
For 4 Users
2 eCommerce Integration
Multiple Wearhouse
B2B Ordering
Basic User Rights
Batch and Expiry Tracking
Business Premium
USD 359  Per Month
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Business +
For 8 Users
3 eCommerce Integration
Custom B2B Domain
Account Manager
API Access
Advanced Wearhousing
Salesforce Integration
USD 799  Per Month
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Business Premium +
For 20 Users
Unlimited eCommerce Integration
Multiple Brands

Key Features of TradeGecko

keyboard_arrow_right Supplier and Purchase Order Management

keyboard_arrow_right Multi Company

keyboard_arrow_right Purchase Order

keyboard_arrow_right Barcode Scanning

keyboard_arrow_right Application Integration

keyboard_arrow_right Accounting Integration

keyboard_arrow_right Inventory Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right Sales Orders

keyboard_arrow_right Barcoding / RFID

keyboard_arrow_right Traceability

keyboard_arrow_right Expense Tracking

keyboard_arrow_right Warehouse Management

keyboard_arrow_right Inventory control

keyboard_arrow_right Billing System

keyboard_arrow_right Ecommerce Integration

keyboard_arrow_right Timesheet Management

keyboard_arrow_right Forecasting

keyboard_arrow_right Order Processing

keyboard_arrow_right Shipping Management

keyboard_arrow_right Kitting


Deployment : Web Base
Payment : Monthly
API : Yes
Customization : Yes
Mobile Support : Yes
Mobile App : Yes
Languages support :
Download Brochure
Web Base
Web Base and Installed
Both (SAAS & One time)

Who uses TradeGecko

Personal StartUps SMEs Agencies Enterprises


Web App Windows Macintosh

Mobile Platforms

iOS Android WinPhone BlackBerry
Windows Phone

Company Details

Company Name:
TradeGecko Pte. Ltd.

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TradeGecko Inventory Management System - Manage all your sales, stock, accounting, shipping and customer data from a single place. 

Simplify operations with TradeGecko
Eliminate loads of manual work and errors that could be costly for your business. TradeGecko eases your growing pains and lightens your operational load by automating and streamlining processes. With our mission-critical features, you'll find yourself breezing through all your sales channel management, stock handling, order fulfillment (and much more) in no time.

Inventory management

  1. Inventory control - improve tracking and control over inventory activities and stock movements
  2. Inventory optimization - anticipate demand and receive reorder alerts in time so you'll never experience stockouts again

International growth

  1. Multi warehouse - manage inventory across multiple locations effortlessly
  2. Multi channel - increase your revenue by handling orders and inventory from more sales channels
  3. Sales reports - access sales and inventory reports based on real-time data
  4. Scalable in functionality as your business grows

Cloud-based solution

  1. Team collaboration from anywhere, at any time
  2. Customize access to different sections for each team member
  3. Store your data on trusted servers that offer backups

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User Reviews (5) Ask a question

Anshi Pandya
Its helps in Order management
Overall rating

Thanks to TradeGecko, I can now effortlessly manage all my business stock and inventories directly from the cloud. The online order management software has provided a cloud-based solution through which I can keep data on reliable servers and have backups. Its auto-generated sales reports provide real-time data along with access to sales reports. I will also recommend the stock management module of the software which offers customized solutions for optimizing and controlling my inventory.

Samay Trivedi
Great Product
Overall rating

With TradeGecko, I have successfully shifted my stock and inventories to a cloud environment. From cloud, I can keep a steady watch on all my orders, inventories and stock and thus manage them in better ways. The inventory management software has re-defined my business and helped me to optimize and control my inventories. With cloud technology, I am also thinking about global expansion. The order management software is another exclusive feature that provides me real-time access to sales data, analytics and report.

Manisha Boda
Best Features
Overall rating

A cloud-based stock management software, I am highly satisfied by the efficiency and effectiveness of this application. From managing my stock and inventory to looking into payments and transactions, I get a cost-efficient solution and marvellous innovation. Irrespective of wherever my employees are, I can bring them together through a cloud module and assign specific responsibilities to everyone. The order management software is truly unique and helps in reducing manual effort and time behind conventional payment procedures.

Kajal Saurav
Helpfully Software
Overall rating

TradeGecko has taken my business to the cloud technology. Using its stock management software, I can now manage business stock, inventory, purchases and sales in a more flexible and convenient manner. It is a more systematic and cost-efficient software that allows me to optimize my inventory and make the most of my available stock. With the help of its order management software, I can effortlessly process my invoices and control my transactions.

Arvind Zala
The Best Cloud Computing System
Overall rating

I was wondering of ways to take my business forward and then I heard of TradeGecko. A remarkable inventory management software, it allows me to track my inventories through cloud-based technology. Besides my stock and inventories, I can also handle my business relations via cloud computing systems. The order management software also helps me in easy processing of my orders and invoices. I also enjoy its customizable features and high integration modules.

FAQs of TradeGecko

Q. What are the main features of TradeGecko?

The key features of TradeGecko are as follows:

label Supplier and Purchase Order Management

label Multi Company

label Purchase Order

label Barcode Scanning

label Application Integration

label Accounting Integration

label Inventory Tracking

label Sales Orders

label Barcoding / RFID

label Traceability

Q. How much do the TradeGecko cost?

The TradeGecko has 4 plans - Basic USD 79 (Per Month),Business USD 199 (Per Month),Business Premium USD 359 (Per Month),Enterprise USD 799 (Per Month).

Free trial : Available.

Q. Who are the typical users of TradeGecko?

TradeGecko has the following typical customers: SMEs, Agencies.

Q. Which mobile platform does TradeGecko support?

TradeGecko supports the following devices: IOS, Android

Q. Which operating system does TradeGecko support?

TradeGecko support the following operation system : Web App

Q. What payment method does TradeGecko support?

TradeGecko support the following payment methods : Monthly.

Q. What is the deployment type?

TradeGecko has deployment type : Web Base.

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