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Zoho CRM Tools  

Software BY Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
Pricing starts from : USD 10.91 User/Month
Zoho CRM gives you a 360-degree view of your complete sales cycle and pipeline. Zoho CRM empowers small to large-sized organizations with a complete CRM solution for managing organization-wide Sales, Marketing, Customer Support & Service and Inventory Management in a single business system.

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Cratio CRM Software   4.7 (6)

Cloud and Mobile Sales CRM Software
Pricing starts from : USD 6.05 User/Month/Billed Annually

We started to use Cratio CRM for lead management initially, but now we use it for all business process from sales, marketing, support, payments. We am very happy to work with Cratio and strongly recommend them for any growing business for 3 reason....

- Aryabatta Kumar, Business Head, DACAM Systems

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FreshSales.io   5 (6)

Software BY Freshworks
Pricing starts from : USD Free upto 10 Users User/Month

We are a big-time fan of the functionality of Fresh sales. It has really improved our revenue figures and customer experience. All sort of workflow management is easy. Integrated Webhook helps us to get connected with other apps related to helpdes....

- Nataliya K., ,

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Enhancier Cx - Adura   4.5 (4)

Complete web based CRM system

Most of the CRM software, we have installed yet, did not have the mobile access mechanism. Adura had it though. So now, I and my peers can access our CRM accounts from anywhere, not needing to stay logged in from the desktops or large screen devic....

- Vivek Tripathi, ,

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Got CRM  

Reach your sales target with Got CRM
Pricing starts from : USD 10 User/Month
Got CRM flare up your business and make a unified structure with your client and vendor. The bright side of GOT's diversified system fills your treasure with hope and joy by its lead conversion. The design and user experience of Got CRM is simple and effective.

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Salesmate CRM   5 (1)

All in one sales CRM for small business
Pricing starts from : USD 12 User/Month/Billed Annually

Super easy to use. I recommend this CRM for any Agency trying to grow their pipeline of sales. Super easy to use, helps us with timely follow-ups, we close our new leads that come through our website a lot faster. We used to not have timely f....

-Daniel, Managing Director, PSDCenter

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Bitrix24   4.5 (20)

Software BY Bitrix Inc.
Pricing starts from : Free

I came across Bitrix24 after reading great reviews of it on the internet. Initial I started with the trial version of it. I must say it is an amazing software which helps to organize and keep a track of customers, partners, agents and other contac....

- Patrina Brown, ,

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ubiCRM   4.2 (14)

Get Addicted. It's ubiCRM
Pricing starts from : USD 9.09 User/Month

ubiCRM has helped to automate and streamline most of our day-to-day activities and customer communications. Whenever we need anything, the ubiCRM team is always willing to help. I recommend a trial to everyone.

- Rupam Jha, Founder, SS Exhibitions & Media PVT. LTD.

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SoulCRM   4.4 (11)

All-in-One CRM for Businesses
Pricing starts from : USD 6.05 User/ Month

Our deals with clients are majorly based on contracts and we needed a tool to manage their support request with a ticketing system. Soul CRM has a robust integrated mechanism which helps us manage our clients support request efficiently. Also the sys....

-PSD Center, Design Firm, PSD Center

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Salesforce   4.4 (11)

Software BY SalesForce Inc.
Pricing starts from : USD 25 User/ Month

Pros: 1) Easy to use 2) Ability to customize the screens and workflows. Cons:1) Sometimes it takes awhile to refresh 2) Interface with other tools. 3) A quality of UI(but not at risk of being a resource heavy site -- with people using browsers on ....

- Rohit Jain, Capacity manager, CSC

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RSquare   4.6 (8)

From Broking to Consulting

Rsquare real estate CRM never stop coming up with new features. Its pricing is valid and affordable. It also offers cross platform support and can customize itself over different environments. It has an integrated securi....

- Ankita Timani, ,

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StrategicERP-Real Estate ERP Software   4.5 (8)

ERP & CRM for Real Estate & Infrastructure
Pricing starts from : USD 24 User/Month

Strategic ERP is an easy to use real estate CRM software. It is fully customizable to the core and they offer great services and efficient reporting. I have a brief knowledge of software designing and I must say that thi....

- Sarthak Modi, ,

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TalentRecruit   4.8 (8)

Advanced Recruitment & Onboarding Platform

Though the recruitment industry is an unstructured industry, In every organization HRs has to struggle a lot to get a perfect fit, especially so for software, however, I am happy with our decision to go with TalentRecruit has automated every aspec....

- Zakir Hussain, Manager - HR, Franchise Bazar

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CollaBrill   4.3 (7)

A Complete Business Management Solution for SMEs
Pricing starts from : USD 1 User/Month

We have use CollaBrill for several years to help manage projects. It's easy to use and user friendly functionality. CollaBrill is best project management software specially designed for small and medium size of busin....

- Sai Krishna, Ass. Nurse, solutionbuzz

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Acme Insight   4.4 (7)

Billing, accounting and inventory software.

As a manufacturer, It is what I was looking for a software that would understand and objectify my business strategies. It has rich API which eases my work and I am using this product for more than a year. The features are highly powerful and it me....

- Saurabh Kushwaha, ,

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Bhoomi   4.7 (7)

CRM & ERP for Real Estate & Construction Industry

Best value for money, effective software with all features, scalable and full support. Covers the entire cycle of sales, presales and Construction, purchase and contractor management. Tally Integration is an added advantage.

-Gulzar, Assistant General Manager, Chintels India Limited

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